I have been so fortunate to help people reconnect with themselves and to come to a deeper understanding and way of being in the world. It’s always scary to engage with a counsellor for the first time or to work with a different counsellor.

Below are just some of the testimonials from clients I have helped. I hope reading their words will help you decide if I am the right counsellor for you.

– Sheri Phillips-Snaychuk

Sheri Phillips-Snaychuk

Sheri is the perfect person for my teenagers to talk to. They have really evolved and matured under her direction and are more confident. Their relationship with one another has also changed significantly. They just adore her trustworthy, peaceful attitude and thoughtful demeanor and always look forward to seeing her. Not just teens to her, she validates them and helps them find their way. I cannot recommend her enough.


I met Sheri for our first session with great hope in my heart and I was not disappointed. She was upfront about how she operates, what she felt she could do with me to work towards a healthier existence. I cannot express the improvement of my overall happiness and well-being since I started seeing her. Sheri is amazing at her job, and I recommend her to anyone.


Through the support of my relationship with Sheri, I was finally able to stand up to my sister (finally, at age 41) and transform the unhealthy dynamics that remained from childhood. Sheri is an exceptionally warm, compassionate, empathetic counsellor who wholeheartedly validates your experience and helps you move on to a peaceful relationship with yourself.


Sheri has a warm, honest presence. Whatever your concerns are, she will make you feel safe to open up. She genuinely cares and has helped me to discover the path to my most authentic self. I would highly recommend her as a counsellor.


Sheri’s kind and genuine nature makes her very easy to talk to. She is never judgmental and I truly feel like she cares about me. Since I started seeing Sheri my life has improved in ways I had never imagined. I used to think that anxiety and panic attacks were just part of life, luckily I was wrong! Working with Sheri has taught me so much about myself and my emotions. She has helped me reach a place where I can process my emotions before they spiral into anxiety or panic attacks. I’ve learned that life doesn’t have to be full of anxiety and that I can lead a full and happy life.


It is not uncommon for an individual to reject several therapists before finding a suitable match and I am not an exception to this known fact. From my exposure to a variety of therapists combined with the knowledge gained from my ‘lived’ experiences I can discern within the first fifteen minutes upon meeting a potential therapist whether he/she is going to helpful or hurtful. Such was the case when meeting Sheri for the first time for I knew in those early moments that she was far more than book smart. Sheri imbues compassion, authenticity, and empathy; furthermore, she possesses the courage to walk into another human beings oftentimes horrendous pain. She is exceptional at recognizing body language that is indicative of stored and unprocessed grief/trauma. More importantly, she teaches those who have experienced unspeakable trauma how to live in the ‘present’; to not merely exist but to truly live.


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