It is not uncommon for an individual to reject several therapists before finding a suitable match and I am not an exception to this known fact. From my exposure to a variety of therapists combined with the knowledge gained from my ‘lived’ experiences I can discern within the first fifteen minutes upon meeting a potential therapist whether he/she is going to helpful or hurtful. Such was the case when meeting Sheri for the first time for I knew in those early moments that she was far more than book smart. Sheri imbues compassion, authenticity, and empathy; furthermore, she possesses the courage to walk into another human beings oftentimes horrendous pain. She is exceptional at recognizing body language that is indicative of stored and unprocessed grief/trauma. More importantly, she teaches those who have experienced unspeakable trauma how to live in the ‘present’; to not merely exist but to truly live.

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Suite #301 - 220 Brew Street

Port Moody BC V3H 0H6

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