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About Sheri Phillips-Snaychuk, M.A. RCC

Sheri has been helping people in the field for over seventeen years working in a multitude of capacities from individual counselling, group counselling, research, assessment, and foster care support. Her passion, experience, and expertise focuses mainly around trauma, suicide, and depression, however, she has helped people with other or similar issues.

Sheri deeply believes, and is committed to, the healing ability of people and that people can overcome great pain and suffering through one’s own strength and through dedication in relations with other people and within the therapeutic relationship.

She is highly regarded for her compassion, care, curiosity, non-judgmental stance, insight, dedication, and patience among her clients.

Sheri Phillips-Snaychuk

"There is something so powerful, meaningful, and touching to watch clients go from a place of great suffering to a place of being all they can be in their lives and in the world."

– Sheri Phillips-Snaychuk

Areas of Focus


I can help you develop healthier ways of dealing with others in your life by working with you to improve the relationship you have with yourself.

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Loss / Grief

I help to work through the pain of loss and grief to bring your feelings to a place of acceptance and relief by really feeling the loss in a healthy way.

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I provide other alternatives through feeling the emotions that are underneath all this and help create within you the experience of relief.

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Some amount of anxiety is useful and can act as motivation in our everyday lives, but when it is too much it actually hinders our daily functioning.

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Self-esteem / Self-worth

Strengthening the relationship with one’s self is key in navigating life and healing. Learn to trust, confide & rely on yourself.

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Suicide Counselling

Feelings of suicide need to be talked about, understood, and challenged as to what is really going on for your suffering and pain.

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Trauma & Abuse

I specialize in trauma in my practice. About 80% of my practice is dedicated to people who with histories of childhood trauma, abuse and neglect.

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Client Testimonials

View testimonials from past clients. I hope reading their words will help you decide if I am the right counsellor for you

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"My goal is to help clients reconnect with themselves and to come to a deeper understanding and presence in the world. Pain and suffering can be transformed by developing a different way of being with one’s self that is nurturing and caring."

This transformation is done through the therapeutic relationship and acts as a bridge to your own experience of being you. I often tell clients that there are not guarantees in life, but the one thing I can absolutely guarantee is that you will be with yourself always so let’s start developing this relationship with yourself now.

The benefits of this type of experiencing is that it allows you to be open to giving and receiving at a deeper moment to moment basis that cannot be done when one is not connected or caring for one’s own self.


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