Anxiety Counselling in Port Moody

Anxiety happens when we are not noticing our emotions and feelings around situations and experiences we are having. Essentially ignoring ourselves until our bodies cannot cope anymore and then panic attacks and feeling like we are going to have a heart attack and die sets in. Some amount of anxiety is actually useful and can act as motivation in our everyday lives, but when it is too much it actually hinders our daily functioning.

Anxiety Counselling

Do you experience:

  • Physical symptoms where your heart is beating fast, you may become sweaty, your mouth becomes dry, you might bite your nails or move your leg quickly up and down.
  • Your thoughts are racing to future stories where really bad things happen.
  • You feel that you cannot control your thoughts or feelings and it feels overwhelming.
  • The stories or “what ifs” you tell yourself feel unbearable.

Feelings serve vital purpose for us in our survival and when we ignore them or dismiss them the body reacts.  I help people in Port Moody sit with the underlying emotions they are experiencing and take them to a place of relief.

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