Depression Counselling in Port Moody

Depression is a way of coping where one turns in on themselves and they are not able to see any hope or a way out of their pain. It is a form of giving up. As human beings we need to feel that there are choices and options in life and not feel like we are just going through the motions of living. Feelings of severe despair over an extended period of time affects every part of your life:  your emotions, your physical health, your relationships, your work. I provide other alternatives through feeling the emotions that are underneath all this and help create within you the experience of relief.

Depression Counselling

Do you experience:

  • Low mood or energy.
  • Lack of sleep or sleeping too much.
  • Lack of appetite or eating too much.
  • Finding yourself using alcohol, drugs, shopping or gambling as ways to cope or avoid.
  • Struggles at work or in your relationships.
  • Feelings of not wanting to be in the world or just wanting to not be here.

Depression is not about being sad.  Depression is about a felt sense of helplessness or hopelessness that is a result of having negative experiences happen and/or loss of control; or a longing for things we cannot control or make happen.  I will work with you in Port Moody to come to a place of acceptance and relief over whatever circumstances you face.

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