“Here to Listen, Here for You.”

I work from a client-centered approach stemming from compassion and understanding for your struggles and longing for a healthier life. I also work from a place of reconnecting you mentally, emotionally, and physically as a way to empower you and all that you have to offer but up until now have been having difficulties accessing. I provide a safe environment for you and I to explore and develop a deeper understanding of where you have come from and how you want your life to be like going forward.

My Goals

• To provide a safe & respectful environment
• To help you access your own insight
• To be a witness to your experience and an advocate for your future
• To hold hope that life can transform for you
• To watch you as you live a meaningful life

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Areas of Focus


I can help you develop healthier ways of dealing with others in your life by working with you to improve the relationship you have with yourself.

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Loss / Grief

I help to work through the pain of loss and grief to bring your feelings to a place of acceptance and relief by really feeling the loss in a healthy way.

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I provide other alternatives through feeling the emotions that are underneath all this and help create within you the experience of relief.

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Some amount of anxiety is useful and can act as motivation in our everyday lives, but when it is too much it actually hinders our daily functioning.

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Self-esteem / Self-worth

Strengthening the relationship with one’s self is key in navigating life and healing. Learn to trust, confide & rely on yourself.

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Suicide Counselling

Feelings of suicide need to be talked about, understood, and challenged as to what is really going on for your suffering and pain.

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Trauma & Abuse

I specialize in trauma in my practice. About 80% of my practice is dedicated to people who with histories of childhood trauma, abuse and neglect.

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Client Testimonials

View testimonials from past clients. I hope reading their words will help you decide if I am the right counsellor for you

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