Trauma, Abuse & Neglect

I specialize in trauma in my practice. Trauma and neglect can stem from childhood where caregivers were abusive or neglectful around your needs and care. Trauma can also come from a traumatic event such as an assault, motor vehicle accident, or witnessing an assault or negative event.

There are many consequences of trauma in how negatively it impacts people lives. This may show up in various forms such as depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship struggles. This happens because if one has experienced abuse or neglect they were not then provided with a good sense of self or a solid enough foundation to handle life’s challenges or the skills to make good choices around all this. After the negative event, one feels (and knows) that the world can be unsafe; even in the face of evidence saying one is safe.

I help to work through the emotions of what has happened and through our relationship start to build a better and healthier relationship with self and integrate what has happened and then accurately assessing unsafe events or people

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